Is it risky to use Popcorn time without a VPN connection? A few considerations you need to make before you use this app

There has been talk for ages about a possible Popcorn Time fine. But it is often not clear to everyone when you are really at risk of such a fine. Therefore it is always good to know what laws apply and what the risks are. We would therefore like to tell you more about the download ban and the Popcorn Time fine when they used express vpn ดีไหม.

The Popcorn Time penalty: what do we know?

Since 2014 the download ban has been in place in the Netherlands, which means you can be fined for illegally downloading movies, series and music. At the moment there are two major parties that detect and can fine people in violation. In fact, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens gives permission for the collection of data to both Stichting Brein and Dutch Filmworks. This is what they are doing:

  • Foundation Brein: The Brein Foundation now focuses not so much on people who download movies, series or music, but mainly on tracking down people who upload files. For example, they want to impose fines of some ’n €12,500 when they upload files.
  • Dutch Filmworks: Dutch Filmworks does focus on tracking down downloaders. For example, they had collected hundreds of ip addresses for a lawsuit that were allegedly in violation. Dutch Filmworks wanted to impose a fine of €150 per person, but for that the name and address data would first have to be released by their internet provider. However, the court concluded that the internet service provider is not obliged to do so when you use VPN Netflix @ Globalwatchonline.TR

Are you in danger when using Popcorn Time?

At the moment, not many people in the Netherlands have been fined for downloading/streaming files, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be. We can see that Dutch Filmworks is already collecting IP addresses with the aim of issuing fines. If you use Popcorn Time, it is possible that your IP address will also be stored. For 5 years this may then be used to track you down. If you have been in violation, there is a possibility that you will be fined.

It is of course difficult to say on what scale IP addresses are retrieved and stored. Therefore we do not know what the risk is exactly. What we can say for sure is that you are at risk when you use Popcorn Time or similar services without protection like using expressvpn free trial sverige.